Parents and technology may be the worst combination when compared to children and technology. Why, you ask? Because parents are even more addicted to their phones and other devices than their children are. The same way parents tell their children about how important live human interaction is, they are also checking their phones every two seconds without even thinking about it. Instead of raising the child in a healthy way with parents who are engaging with their children, parents become mindless zombies that hardly pay attention to what their children are doing. What is even worse is that with children using these devices at such young ages, they are also open to a lot of things that they are probably not ready for. Increased bullying is a major problem because most children are not supervised when using a device.

Too much technology can cause a child to not be able to engage in conversation, or experience solitude, which can, in turn, make them become non-empathetic. It may be pretty obvious that children and some adults need to practice serious self-control. One experiment noted that many student subjects would rather give themselves mild electric shocks than sit alone with their own thoughts. If parents don’t have at least a little self-control, then neither will the child either. It’s not exactly hard for parents to learn self-control and to then teach it to their children. Like Steve Jobs, being a low-tech parent is the best way to go when trying to pass good habits along to children. Technology is literally taking over people’s lives and can only be controlled by parents who have adequate self-control.

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