I just found the best deal ever!!! You are going to get 2 FabFitFun boxes and a blanket for free! They say the box has $250 worth of products in it and the mini box has over $150 worth in it. So you are getting over $400 worth for free! HERE IS HOW:

  1. FIRST CLICK HERE and quickly scroll down the page to the checkout (dont add anything to your cart). When you get to checkout there will be a code for a free min box in the promo section. COPY THIS CODE DOWN. YOU ARE NOT BUYING ANYTHING!! If you don’t see a code it’s fine just skip to step2. Exit out of the FabFitFun page.
  2. CLICK HERE and sign up for a NEW ACCOUNT
  3. Search for FABFITFUN and hit shop now
  4. You are going to sign up for the $49.99 seasonal box (you get to pick a free gift, I picked the blanket but they have kate spade earrings, mugs and much more!) and when get to checkout add the promo code from step 1. (if you didn’t get a code from step1, just enter the code: minibox)
  5. You are going to end up paying $49.99 now BUT because you went through step two, they are going to give you $40 back for being a new customer. They will also give you $15 back for todays purchase. So let’s do the math: $49.99 – $40 – $15 = -$5.01 That means you will actually end up making $5.01 plus you get 2 free boxes full of goodies and a blanket (or whatever you pick).

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